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  • Semi-automatic powder actuated tool specially patented designed for overhead applications.

  • Automatic piston return
  • light weight design for the ease of raising the tool to the ceiling
  • With the stable steel collar, the tool screws solidly onto a pole for high reach and secure operation for ceiling applications.



  • Length: 39cm

  • Weight: 1.9kg

  • Pin length capacity:Nosepieces available for

    • 32mm (1-1/4") ceiling pin
    • 27mm (1") ceiling pin
    • customized nosepiece  available for longer pin length
  • Pin type: .300 inch or 8mm HeadedFasteners or Pin/Clip Assemblies
  • Power level: green(3), yellow(4),red(5)

  • Booster: 6.8/11M(.27 caliber) 10-shotstrip loads

  • Handle: durable polyamide housing

Extension Pole

  • Length: 510mm

  • Diameter: 25mm

Stable steel collar design

Extension poles for

high reach and secure operation

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