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  • PT-355 is a modified version of PT-370 that includes a power adjuster, providing the versatility to meet a range of applications with a single power load level.

  • The new Patented Design of power adjuster makes this tool show higher reliability and lower maintenance requirement than other similar tools existing in the market.


  • Length: 34cm

  • Weight: 2.35kg

  • Pin length capacity: 2-1/2"

  • Pin type: .300 inch or 8mm Headed Fasteners,or 1/4" - 20 Threaded Studs

  • Power level: green(3), yellow(4), red(5)

  • Booster: 6.8/11M(.27 caliber) 10- shot strip loads

  • Handle: aluminum housing

  • Customized piston and nosepiece designs for specific types of pins or threaded studs are available

WALTE PT355  powder actuated tool
WALTE PT355 powder actuated tool

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